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AI’s Trust Problem: Bhaskar Chakravorti

As AI advances, it confronts major trust issues due to concerns like disinformation, safety, ethical dilemmas, bias, and environmental impact. Addressing these challenges involves a unified strategy: training, empowering, and involving humans in AI oversight.

Why India Needs A ‘Ministry Of AI’

With India facing another election, establishing a Ministry of AI is vital for economic leverage and national security against technological warfare.

OpenAI seemed invincible a week ago. Now it’s extremely vulnerable.

OpenAI, once poised for a major IPO, faces a crisis as its CEO and president leave for Microsoft. This self-inflicted turmoil sparks staff resignations and raises questions about Microsoft’s dominance in AI. OpenAI’s future appears uncertain, marked by talent loss and energy depletion.

Onward Ahoy! India’s rising potential in the global B2C arena

India aims for a $32 trillion GDP by 2047, eyeing the world’s second-largest economy by 2075. Rising incomes, demographic shifts, and a 26% Rich segment by 2047 drive growth. Indian B2C seeks global expansion, facing challenges for opportunities across industries.

The Consequences of Elon Musk’s Ownership of X

Twitter X, led by Musk, faces escalating hate speech and misinformation, causing a decline in user visits and ad revenue. Musk’s controversial decisions raise concerns about the platform’s commitment to its values, notably during the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In an automated future, what does productivity really mean?

AI tools like GPT-4 and Bing greatly enhance productivity across tasks, with a projected $4.4 trillion annual impact. Studies highlight benefits in organization and efficiency. However, the impact on creative work remains uncertain, prompting a need for redefined productivity metrics.

Indian Regulator Seeks Two More Weeks to Wrap Up Adani Probe

India’s watchdog concludes 3-year Adani probe. Expectations of mild impact on Adani Group due to weak investigation and complex corporate laws. Adani denied wrongdoing. Sebi faces pressure. Potential for minimal to groundbreaking outcomes in report.

Getting to grips with regulating AI which no one fully understands

AI’s impact on elections, healthcare, jobs, and more dominate headlines. Global AI regulation lacks clarity; EU’s risk-based approach stands out. Uncertainty surrounds AI’s effects, posing challenges for oversight. Balancing innovation and control is key amid geopolitical concerns.

Money Matters: How Japan approaches aid

We went behind the numbers to provide you with insights into Japan’s approach to aid. Plus, Uganda’s anti-gay law potential aid fallout, the new boss atop the World Bank, and what are AfDB’s spending priorities?

Adani Rout Puts Spotlight on Billions Flowing Through Mauritius

The tiny island of Mauritius spent years trying to clean up its image as a base for murky money launderers and shell firms. The short-seller allegations against billionaire Gautam Adani are once again reviving questions about the country’s role as a tax haven for India’s tycoons

Modi Is Muzzling Big Tech

Silicon Valley has spent years courting India, but its companies face an increasingly tricky censorship minefield in the world’s largest democracy.

How Elon Musk is changing what you see on Twitter

This week, Musk disbanded the Trust and Safety Council, made up of civil, human rights and other organizations to address hate speech, harassment, child exploitation, suicide, self-harm and other problems on the platform

Is democracy on the midterm ballot?

President Biden recently warned American voters that democracy is on the midterm ballot. “In our bones, we know democracy is at risk,” Biden said in the speech.

FCC Must Put 'People Over Miles,' Tufts Researchers Say

Tufts University researchers told the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday to focus on how many individuals, not just locations, are receiving high-speed service as the agency creates new broadband maps to inform the distribution of federal infrastructure funds by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

A Twitter trial would expose Elon Musk to scrutiny. Buying Twitter might help him avoid it.

The news in this months-long saga came the very week he was expected to be deposed in in a lawsuit Twitter filed against Musk for breach of contract. The exact reasons for his 180 are unknown, but experts told Vox that it shows the Delaware Court of Chancery’s muscle in potentially reining in the richest person in the world’s disregard for convention in his business dealings.

Some Employers Are Turning to Crypto to Assist Ukraine Employees

As Russia continues its brutal military campaign in Ukraine, which it launched two weeks ago, several financial themes have emerged. One is the growing list of U.S. companies cutting off ties with Russia, with McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coke being the latest to join the list of nearly 300 companies.

The US takes Russia's chips off the table

After years of taking a wait-and-see attitude toward cloud services, financial services companies are ready. Data from Capco and Wipro found that 62% expect cloud computing investments to improve revenue and 52% believe those investments will improve profitability.

Health + Wealth Day 3: How Data is Revolutionizing Society

The final day of the Health and Wealth of America conference focused on the power of data. The pandemic forced companies to take their services virtual, and doing so led to the capture of loads of data that can enhance their businesses, and ultimately society.

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