Bridging Inclusion and Innovation to Improve People’s Lives

The 2024 Responsible Finance Forum in Fortaleza, Brazil will kickstart the conversations needed to spark systems-level change and achieve the responsible and equitable delivery of quality financial services, all while aiming to obtain the desired outcomes of safety, choice, trust, voice, and improve. Digital Planet is a thought partner for the session.

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In an automated future, what does productivity really mean?

AI tools like GPT-4 and Bing greatly enhance productivity across tasks, with a projected $4.4 trillion annual impact. Studies highlight benefits in organization and efficiency. However, the impact on creative work remains uncertain, prompting a need for redefined productivity metrics.

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Money Matters: How Japan approaches aid

We went behind the numbers to provide you with insights into Japan’s approach to aid. Plus, Uganda’s anti-gay law potential aid fallout, the new boss atop the World Bank, and what are AfDB’s spending priorities?

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Fostering Sustainable and Inclusive Climate Solutions Through Digital Technologies

Innovative businesses are key to sustainable development. This research highlights three companies: Husk Power Systems (sustainable energy), Nexsis (solar panels for essential services), and ThredUp (secondhand e-commerce). Insights emphasize the value of pay-as-you-go models, digital tech’s role in sustainability, women’s empowerment via regenerative tech, the need for government support in renewables, and maintaining consumer demand.

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Modi Is Muzzling Big Tech

Silicon Valley has spent years courting India, but its companies face an increasingly tricky censorship minefield in the world’s largest democracy.

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