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Master of International Business (MIB)

Think globally with a master’s in international business

The Master of International Business (MIB) program at The Fletcher School at Tufts University combines a grounding in foundational business skills with a contextual knowledge of the forces driving international affairs and global business.

Comparable to a dual MBA-international affairs degree, the MIB allows students to develop deep competency in international business practices and a nuanced understanding of core areas that impact international affairs, including geopolitics, law, and economics.

Business through an international lens

Context is a critical component of sound decision-making in international business – and breadth of knowledge is what creates great analytical thinkers and leaders. The MIB program prepares students to be future leaders by honing the skills that allow them to connect the dots across many different arenas including business, politics, law, and economics.

Fletcher alumni with a master’s degree in international business go on to leadership roles in multinational companies and international NGOs, serve as diplomats, and create social impact through their work in public policy.

Develop contextual intelligence

What makes the Master of International Business unique? The program is a hybrid business/international affairs degree that teaches students the most crucial business skills, as well as the international savvy needed to succeed in a global business environment.

The MIB program is made up of passionate students, faculty, and research fellows who delve into the hard questions of international business, understand that the world and the world of business are deeply interconnected, and realize that real expertise demands contextual intelligence.

“The Master of International Business program is designed to equip students with both the hard and soft skills that are so necessary for aspiring global leaders, managers, policy-makers, and consultants to succeed today.”
Meera Jayakumar
Master of International Business 2018
Consultant, Oliver Wyman
“As I tackle some of the most difficult challenges my employer and team face, the ability to start from scratch and chart a course forward — invaluable skills I learned at Fletcher — will help my career until the day I retire.”
David Rottblatt
Master of International Business 2011
Director of Business Development, EmbraerX
“Investments in emerging markets requires careful analysis of both economic fundamentals and political risk. The MIB program has provided me solid economics and financial training and the analytical tools to better understand each country’s political landscape.”
Patty Ye Cao
Master of International Business 2012
Assistant Portfolio Manager, Merian Global Investors

Master of International Business curriculum

Through comprehensive core subjects, flexible electives and two fields of study, the MIB curriculum ensures that students understand how companies operate in the complex context of our globalized society.

Master of International Business students take 54 credits and must meet the following requirements to earn their MIB degree:

  • Complete core courses in business, economics, and international affairs, as well as a regional course that focuses on the economics and business practices of a particular geographical area.
  • Complete elective courses and two fields of study, which are areas of specialization related to a functional topic or geographic area. One is in an international business field and the other in international affairs.
  • Submit a faculty-approved capstone project – a written final product that builds on significant analytical work.
  • Participate in a ten-week professional development program that helps students manage international business careers during and after Fletcher.

Careers for Master of International Business graduates

There is no “typical” Fletcher career path. Our diverse students span sectors, industries, and geographies, and interests range from political risk analysis to banking in the emerging markets to policy work in an energy company to corporate social responsibility.

Many large employers find that a master’s degree in international business from Fletcher prepares students not only for general management positions but also for jobs within governmental and regulatory affairs, environmental affairs, risk management, and other functional areas that necessitate an education that goes beyond traditional business skills.

The MIB program also may prepare students for roles as country managers and risk analysts – professionals in these positions must have a deep understanding of the complexity of national and local situations.

Kick-start your international business career


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