Category: Perspectives

Building Better Technology: Interview with Bhaskar Chakravorti and Philippe Beaudoin

At the AI-volution of Culture conference, Bhaskar Chakravorti engaged in a thought-provoking debate on the future of AI with Philippe Beaudoin. The exchange, skillfully moderated by Marc Nicholson, provided valuable insights. The event, hosted by Quilt.AI and led by CEO Anurag Banerjee and co-founder Angad Singh Chowdhry, proved to be a dynamic platform for exploring the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

How Digital Trust Varies Around the World: Bhaskar Chakravorti

As economies around the world digitalize rapidly in response to the pandemic, one component that can sometimes get left behind is user trust. What does it take to build out a digital ecosystem that users will feel comfortable actually using?

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